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High school senior Parker Highland struggles to balance academic and athletic obligations with her afterschool job (helping her father, Dr. Highland, prove the earth is hollow). A neighborhood girl goes missing. In the halls of Highland Hollow High, Parker debates the merits of a risky campaign slogan with her best friend and campaign manager, Marcy, and prepares for an upcoming "brolly brawl." Parker bonds with new kid Reese Axelrod,  a bad boy in a Bowie jumpsuit, over soul blues and their absent mothers. Taylor, the proprietor of Planet of the Tapes, takes Spielberg to task. Parker sings Anything Goes (in Mandarin) at her weekly Liquor Land gig. Dr. Highland makes a big discovery.

Comic books often have a Feature or Cover Story, which is the bulk of the book, and then a Back Nine or B-Story, which is a stand alone at the end. Each of these episode has a Back Nine set at an earlier or later date.

B9: Hamish travels to Antarctica, seeking entrance to Agartha.