We've built a Socially-Distant Town-Wide Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Style Scavenger Hunt/Live-Action Board Game around the show! I kid you not! With codes, riddles, puzzles, and supplemental video content. Sort of like the Highland Games, but with fewer kilts and no hammer throw. Start as a "Park" Ranger! End as a Winner!

Begin at Main Street Highland Park (212 Raritan Ave, Highland Park) with your very own Park Ranger patch and pack (code grid, Highland Hollow town map, Parker Highland Passport Journal, and molten core polyhedron dice set), end at Pino's (13 N 4th Ave, Highland Park) with a celebratory drink and your own "Parker Highland Always Wins! And So Do I!" t-shirt.

HOW YOU PLAY (more detailed instructions will be included in your Park Ranger pack):

1) Go to Main Street Highland Park, where you'll pick up your patch/pack. The pack will assign you to a "team" - Hollow Heads, Hard Cores, Shack Rats, or Apple Jacks (assignation dictates your route, i.e. the order in which the items must be found).

2) Listen to the recorded episodes online.

3) Answer a series of trivia questions about each episode (three per episode). Write them down (in order) in your Parker Highland Passport Journal. The answers will be one or two words. Use your code grid to then reduce the word to four letters. Use your code key to translate those letters into numbers. Those numbers are combinations to lock boxes located around the town.

4) In each lock box you will find the corresponding real world item (please be sure to leave it behind), a rubber stamp (don't forget to stamp your Parker Highland Passport Journal; the stamps, read in sequence, will reveal a final clue), and a QR code. The QR Code will lead you to three virtual doors.

5) Be careful! While one virtual door will present a challenge or reveal a riddle (which, once solved, will lead you to the next item/box), and one will baldly direct you to its location, one will drop you straight into Highland Hole (which means you have to start over).

6) Be the first find all fifteen items, ending with the Apple Shack idol, and learn the Hole truth! Then play again, make different choices, and experience an entirely different game!

Every town needs a hero, friends. This time the hero is you.